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Mixed Dimensions:

The Incorporation of Traditional Artistic Attributes Within the 3D Printing Pen.


Thesis Committee:

Dr. Sang-won Leigh

Dr. Hyun Joo Oh

Noah K. Posner

May 2021

Sketching, Prototyping, Ardunio


The outstanding impact of three-dimensional printing has provided a variety of outlets for those to create and "express" themselves artistically, as well as drastically affect how we manufacture and develop products. However, hand-held 3D printing products have not had the same luck and as a result, draining user’s expressive capability.

The purpose of this research and study were aimed at comprehending how artistic traits could lead to a more “expressive” artistic tool and making process. The research describes new dimensions, incorporated painting/sculpting methods along with a pneumatic system to develop both 2- & 3-dimensional works of art. The study with art & design students depicts how the system, as well as extraneous additive and subtractive equipment, enabled them to have the ability to express themselves through the physical implementations along with modified printing techniques. The result of this study provides insights into how a symbiotic relationship between traditional fine arts (painting and sculpting) and manufacturing techniques like digital fabrication can increase creative diversity and exploration without the negation of the artistic process and expression. Furthermore, insights procured an additional making method within the design space along with a hybrid tool in the arts & craft space.


Three-Dimensional Printing, Interactive Products, Crafting, Art

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