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The Covid 19 Media Behavioral Sink

How User Experience and Design can promote the longevity of Streaming And Streaming Platforms.

Special Topics-ID-8803-CED

Individual Assignment

Sept. 28th, 2020



Covid-19 has influenced a surge in streaming products. Taking the streaming service winter into a new season. While this flux has provided a great opportunity for network television and media companies to evolve it also has resulted in the crippling of the theater and cinema industry. Ironically, this boom has also started the development of a product/design “ceiling”, making it difficult for new services to obtain content for their platforms. The cluttering of the market makes a sense of individuality between these products very hard to come by. Meaning that there is an opportunity to further study these product interactions and designs to introduce a new era in the streaming service timeline. This paper’s research will focus on how cinema and social media could impact the experience of streaming services, then provide a set of design/interfaces that the service could iterate on or incorporate.


Netflix, Streaming Platforms, User Research, User Interface/Interaction Design

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