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Jonathan M. Hatley

I am your Friendly Neighborhood Designer or User Experience, User Interface, And Industrial Design (What a mouthful!). I am currently a User Experience Designer for Capital One. I previously interned at Illumina and Hubble Lighting.

As I reflect upon myself I have noticed that I have this need to help and impact others around me. I believe that design has provided me with copious amounts of opportunities, experiences, and relationships throughout my educational career.

My Design Philosophy:

Design should be simple, selfless, and scintillating. Design should have no constraints, and provide users with a different yet beneficial experience every time.  

IMG_20190304_001407_661 (1).jpg

Wanna Know More?


Here are some fast facts about myself:

What Podcasts are you currently listening too?

99% Invisible

American Hysteria

The Big Picture

Who are you inspired by? Who are your mentors?

My Mother and Uncle, they have impacted my life greatly and got me interested in Design. And has helped me with design by providing insights on work and opportunities.

What are you doing?!

We were making sure that life is imitating art, my college friends and roommate love being cheeky.

What Company or Product do you think is well designed?

I am madly in love with the Razr, I believe the phone has a simple, light, and mysterious appearance! I also love contemporary takes on aged products, especially when a company keeps essential survival traits.

Can't Get Enough?

Then what are you waiting for, let's connect! Reach out or find me on LinkedIn!

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